RK's AE92 SuperCharged Racer
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RK's AE92 SuperCharged Racer

RK is the webmaster of Yellow Factory Racing Team in Japan. He is also an organizer for many track events in Japan. This yellow AE92 Trueno Supercharged GT-Z is his favorite choice for track events. His AE92 was build not only for looks, but also for track competitiveness in mind. This 11 year old little racer still hold pretty good against with car such as Intergra Type-R, Civic Type-R, or even Lancer EVOs. RK's AE92 is also the dream car for many of the U.S. AE92 enthusiast.


HKS F-Con V-Pro Gold

SARD 700cc fuel injectors

Heda 288/272 racing cams


Carbon hood

Bomex bumper/spoiler

TRD adjustable suspension with AE111 superstructs



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