Kenneth Leung's AE92
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Kenneth Leung's AE92 Corolla XL (4A-FE engine)

Kenneth's AE92 is the 1989 year model official imported by Toyota dealer of Hong Kong. The 4afe engine was the only engine choose from the Toyota dealer for AE92. Altought owners could also purchase grey market JDM imports equipped with 4age or 4azge engines, but due to problem that grey market imports generally don't offer warrenty, most Hong Kong residents usually go into the Toyota dealer to buy new Corollas. The Corolla XL AE92 was once a very popular car in Hong Kong. But most of them have disappeared in Hong Kong recent years. We are very lucky to see Kenneth's original paint AE92 is still exists in Hong Kong.

Kenneth have tried to keep the original paint scheme on this AE92. The lowering suspension have been installed to improve the cornering ability, while the Trueno Apex's side skirts and tail enhances the performance look. This AE92 also equipped with the Manaray Msport alloy rims, which were one of the best quality Japanese rims in the early 90's.

The 4A-FE have been kept original because Hong Kong has a very tough laws against modified cars. The only noticable option in the engine department is the extra strut bar brace for extra chassis toughness.

The interior have been upgraded from the Trueno GT-Z's seats and Momo Competition steering wheel. You might have noticed this AE92 has a nice little front lip spoiler. This is a home made brand and Kenneth made it with a door gap rubber and a few clips. This makes the car look more aggresive and is a nice trick to improve the look without changing too much of the original style.


Kenneth's AE92 was featured in the vol 6, april 2002 issue of Best Car Tuning Magazine. A 9 pages article about the Corolla Trueno & Levin's history thoughtout the production of ae86 to ae111.


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