History of Corolla AE86
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In the mid 80's, the Toyota Corolla Levin and Trueno (AE86) had dominated most of the 1600cc races in the world. This name have been very famous although the racing world. Japan Touring, Macau 1600, even in the Long Beach Race of California. It quickly became an instant success when it first appeared in 1984. It made famous because of its strong chassis and the heart of a twin-cam 16valves engine reached the U.S. shore used in passenger car. The first generation blue top engine has a 120ps while the improved version carries a red top generates 140ps. The horsepower of a 4AGE engine can be easily increase to 200ps with some monor modifications such as cams, computer, air intake and exhaust. The engines used in the Long Beach Grand Prix are all TRD prepared 265ps engines.

The most powerful stock 4AGE 16valves engine was the 170ps supercharged 4AGZE. But it was being offer only in the Japan market on the GT-Z model. The U.S. could only get the supercharged engine in the 1988 MR-2. The AE92 Corolla GT-S was the last Toyota equipped with the 4AGE engine in the U.S. market.

In the early 1990, Toyota have concentrated heavily in marketing Lexus while stopped shipping the powerful little GT-Ss to the U.S. That gave the chance for Honda to sneaked in to the powerful sports compact car market with the Civic Si and Integra. Honda have invested heavily in marketing their small powerful Civic and Integra eventually built up and took over the small sports car market till today. That left us only the AE92 that is compatible with the Honda's 1600cc Civic in the front wheel drive races.


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